Food and Gear

This section is unanimous for all high altitude peaks and well described on the Everest site. Check food and climbing gear.

Karakorum specifics:

  • Islamabad is not a great place for gear hunting. Bring all you can from home.
  • Snow plates are used for anchors at K2. Bring them with you, they are impossible to find in Pakistan.
  • Ropes, ropes…Check up on the expeditions in the profiles at "cool expeditions" on this site. Large amount of ropes and anchors are regularly carried for the climbs. Korea/Park brought 4000m/14000ft for K2. You will probably share the task of rope fixing with others, but are best of carrying your own supply anyway.
  • The One Sport company has been aquired by Millet - boots still looks the same but the brand tag is different.
  • There are no tea houses on the trek up. Count on food supply to get in and out of the mountain plus bring lots of goodies for the rest periods. You´ll need all the comfort food you can possibly imagine.
  • On Everest, it is easy to get the occasional fresh bread, veggies and even beer from nearby villages. Forget that on K2. Learn to bake your own bread (chapati style in a pan for instance) and give the food planning ample attention before you leave home. Nothing will be more important to you than good food after some time.
  • BC will be your home for a long time with small chance to escape down the valleys for R&R. Make your BC tent a comfy home. It should be spacious, bright and relaxing. Bring sound blasters for music, magazines, games, a guitar or all else you can think of to make life on the rocks easier. Large brand dome tents are superior. They are also a fortune (approx USD 5000). Negotiate sponsorship or bring a cheap, strong "camping-style" tent with windows and all.

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